Why is she a lesbian?

六月 11, 2008 at 2:43 上午

     There are many homosexual in many countries all around the world, who are looking for the right of marriage. Do you have any friends who are homosexual as well? Today we are going to talk about the characteristics of their palms.      Homosexuality is not an illness; they are just different in choosing their mate. It is one of mentally abnormality. In the study of palms, we can know one’s central mind in studying his/her index finger. If it is straight, its knuckles are equal, no mole, no scar. We can assume this people to have a right mind, reasonable, not getting angry or being feared easily.      What if it is not straight? It means her mind is different to others. If it bends to the thumb, she tends to be in love with younger female. If it bends to another way, she would prefer older people of same sex. Moreover, I discovered that female homosexuals whose palm prints were likely disorderly, or getting mess with the main three lines (life, love and mind), which indicates she doesn’t has a right mind, nervous, sensitive. If she doesn’t get help in time, she will get psychasthenia easily..      The […]

Physiognomy (1): The shape of eyes can tell whether one is selfish or not.

六月 6, 2008 at 10:38 下午

     There is a saying that eyes are the windows of soul.  One’s eyes are just like the window, reflecting your thoughts. Let’s learn about observation of eyes.      Our eyes are composed of iris (eye-black) and sclera (eye-white). The part of iris looks proportionately larger during childhood. Basically, the iris is in touch with both upper and lower eye-lids. However, there are some people that the upper part of their iris does not in touch with the upper eye-lid. It seems that the area of white is greater than the area of iris (eye-black). When we look at their eyes at eye-level, the upper part of the eyes is in white color. We call eyes of this type “three white eyes” (as 3 sides of the iris is surrounded by white color).      People with such eyes are mean-spirited. They only concern about themselves and never care for the others. During the relief process of the great Sichuan earthquake, many volunteers donate money or efforts for the compatriots. Not surprisingly, none of them are people with “three white eyes”.      We should be even more careful when choosing our partners. If we marry such people, they will fall out […]